Community Banner Competition!!

I'm getting sick and tired of trying to make this banner for this community, so I will leave it up to the fans to come up with an awesome Cal/Gillian banner for the Cal/Gillian - Could This Be Out Of Line? Community!!

The callian_luv - "Cal/Gillian - Could This Be Out Of Line?" Community is in search of THE best fan-made banner ever!!!!

- Please send the link to your banner until the 21st of April 2010 (yes you will get a LOOONNNGGG while to be creative!!) to tempe_brennendr (e.g. you can use photobucket)
- Everyone can send up to 3 banners. (But please do not Spam!! Please send only ONE version of your idea.)
- The members of callian_luv will decide on the best banner via a poll. (Please join! ;))

What should the banner look like?
- Be creative: If your concept is great, you can do anything and toss the rules over board. In the end the community will decide.

And now the rules:
- Cal Lightman and Gillian Foster should be the main characters on it.
- It would be great if the slogan/name of the community "Cal/Gillian - Could This Be Out Of Line?" would be integrated.
- Size: 775 x 250 pixels, but please stay with the common formats and use a quality which is appropriate for the size of the banner (all banners that arn't clear and/or grainy [unless I like it] will be deleted.)
- If you should win the contest you might be asked to design a fitting icon for the community, too.

How will the winner be found?
From 21st of April 2010 to 21st July 2010 community members will be able to vote for their favorite banner and the winner will be announced on the 25th of July 2010. The moderator (who want's to help me with this?? I have no idea how to use CSS Code or any of that stuff) will then integrate the banner in the new design of the community and gives them self one week to be happy with the result.

All contest participants agree with their participation, that if they should win, only the callian_luv Cal/Gillian - Could This Be Out Of Line? community will be given the right to use their winning banner.

So I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Please comment if you have suggestions or questions.
As this is all new to me!!
I am looking forward to your submissions.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!

Yours tempe_brennandr